Between 2013 and 2016 Matt Schmit served on the MN State Senate Transportation Finance and Policy Conference Committee. In this capacity, Matt fought for a balanced approach to new dedicated funding for Minnesota’s roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure.

During this time, Matt worked on various transportation-related bills, including legislation promoting: smart approaches to autonomous vehicle integration and disability mobility; improvement of the state’s complete street program for Greater Minnesota; citizen-led oversight of potential new high-speed rail corridors; and increased assistance for communities negatively impacted by large-scale transportation construction and commercial/traffic disturbance.

Outside the legislature, Matt has worked in transportation policy for over 15 years, including service on a standing committee of the national Transportation Research Board and as a member of the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies scholars program. Matt has published studies on roadway safety policy, aspects of freight movement and markets, innovative transportation finance, and various applications of congestion pricing tools — ranging from Minnesota’s MnPASS lanes to Washington State’s I-405 Express Toll Lane system.

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