Making Minnesota Work Again

Well before Donald Trump was pledging to “Make America Great Again,” we were “Making Minnesota Work Again” — by balancing our state budget honestly for the first time in over a decade; by investing in education and repaying a billion-dollar school funding shift; and by getting our legislative work done on time.

The 2013-2014 legislature was one of Minnesota’s most productive, accomplishing the goals we set out to achieve and many more: re-establishing state budget integrity; dramatically expanding health coverage to thousands of Minnesotans; investing in education and infrastructure; extending the reach of broadband connectivity; protecting the rights of Minnesotans to marry whomever they choose; improving water quality throughout the state, etc…

Although the 2016 election didn’t go our way, I will always cherish the opportunity to serve my hometown and the beautiful river valley, blufflands, and rolling ag communities of Southeast Minnesota in the Minnesota state Senate. Thank you!

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October 2016

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Matt Schmit. I’m a lifelong Red Wing resident, the son of a schoolteacher and a football coach. I’m a small business owner and university instructor — and I’m your state senator.

In 2012 I ran for state senate with three primary goals: To balance our state budget honestly — with no shifts, gimmicks, or games. To invest in education and repay over $1 billion borrowed from Minnesota schools to ‘balance’ previous state budgets. And to make the legislature run more smoothly — without regular budget showdowns or state government shutdowns.

Four years later, our state senate has delivered on these promises — and many more.

Our state senate has produced real results for hard-working families, strengthening our rural communities and quality of life. We’ve invested in education and infrastructure, promoted equal opportunity in state law, and returned a steady hand to state budgeting. And experts agree: in August 2016 Minnesota regained its AAA bond rating for the first time since 2011.

The 2013 legislative session balanced our budget honestly for the first time in a decade, and in 2014 we concluded another smooth session on time and under budget. In 2015 the senate matched strong stewardship of the budget with targeted investment in our rural schools, nursing homes, and clean water. And in 2016 we struck a balanced approach between continued fiscal responsibility and smart investment. We took steps to expand broadband Internet access throughout Greater Minnesota, promoted targeted tax relief, and put the next legislature in a good position to continue responsible, forward-thinking budgeting.

Given this strong record of accomplishment, I’d like to continue to serve as your state senator and be your voice at the state Capitol. Specifically, I’d like to focus on the following priorities:

  • Lead on meaningful state healthcare reform & health coverage affordability
  • Drive compromise toward improved road and bridge infrastructure
  • Make college more affordable & our education system more relevant to 21st century learning, life & employment
  • Promote rural priorities, such as workforce housing, job training & economic competitiveness
  • Continue the senate’s commitment to honest budgeting

Thanks for your continued support – and for joining our effort to make Minnesota a better place to live, work and raise a family. Now let’s do everything we can to continue our strong record of accomplishment for our great state.

Together, we’re making Minnesota work again!






Area Legislative Candidate Forums

The 2016 campaign offered clear contrasts in style, experience, and knowledge of the issues. Click here to view the legislative candidate forum hosted by the Red Wing League of Women Voters as it was posted to the city website.

‘Legislator of Distinction’ Recognition

Senator Schmit was recognized for the third year in a row as a “Legislator of Distinction” by the League of Minnesota Cities for his work promoting the expansion of broadband Internet connectivity to areas of rural Minnesota that lack access. Schmit is one of three Senators to receive the award in both 2015 and 2016, and one of two to be recognized three years in a row.

Statewide Support for Broadband

“Sen. Matt Schmit, D-Red Wing, said rural students would benefit big time from high-speed Internet service, giving them what he called ‘anywhere, anytime learning.'” – Duluth News TribuneRead More


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